Photogrammetry and 3D models

My first paper is published! A big moment for me. I want to use the opportunity to give a short abstract in German below. The publication itself can be found here: Fahlke and Autenrieth 2016

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Cetacean – where did they come from

I’m fascinated by marine mammals, especially cetaceans since childhood and therefore was glad to take a course during my masters, focusing on their past and development.

This post now is based on a talk I hold during this course about the Evolution of Cetaceans.

— German version below —

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Why Evolution?

The understanding where all the life we see at the moment has come from, and how species of different continents show same morphology and behavior fascinated me. Seeing intelligence in different species and specific adaption through different kind of species is impressive and I can’t stop asking more and more questions and search for more and more answers.

I want to know everything and I get surprised sometimes of how the evolution find ways. With more and more knowledge and methods old options get renewed and new insights can be gained. Therefore science is a never ending story and I love to be part of it and go through the way of finding new answers of old and new questions. . .