Die Anpassungen der Cetacean – was sie so besonders macht –

— German only —

Bei diesem Artikel habe ich mehr oder weniger eine Zusammenfassung des entsprechenden Kapitels im Westheide Rieger produziert, aber ich finde gerade deswegen ist es entsprechend informativ und dennoch kurz gefasst. (auch alle im Text gezeigten Grafiken und Abbildungen entstammen diesem Buch [1])

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Cetacean – where did they come from

I’m fascinated by marine mammals, especially cetaceans since childhood and therefore was glad to take a course during my masters, focusing on their past and development.

This post now is based on a talk I hold during this course about the Evolution of Cetaceans.

— German version below —

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Biology of the Eurasian Lynx

Three years ago I finished my master thesis about the Eurasian Lynx, a , I think, fascinating species. Since I read and wrote a lot to put my thesis together, I now want to give you here an extract of my thesis Introduction to give a little background about this big Eurasian Carnivor.

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Evolution and Mammals

Mammals are one group of vertebrates. Although not the one with the most extreme adaptations or highest number of species, they are a very diverse group showing great adaptations to environmental challenges and interesting evolutionary history. For me they are more than fascinating which brought me to study this wonderful group of the animal kingdom.

After having a year full of change and lot’s of different impression of biology and research work, I decided to put together this blog. Since I finally think that I found my direction and focus in research, this blogs name, mirrored my main interests which I will follow in the coming time. On this page I put together my own research as well as interesting papers, talks or what I came along during my studies and consider interesting for others.

So have fun reading and don’t hesitate to contact me when questions, ideas or comments came to your mind 🙂