master thesis – publication

The larger project my master’s thesis was a part of has been published and can be found in pre-press here: Foerster et al. 2017

I’m very thankful to have been a part of such an interesting project, which provides new insights and knowledge about the use and development of SNP-panels, as well as using this method for genetic wildlife monitoring.

Population Genomics of marine Mammals

Finally, It is happening! I have now a job position as PhD student at the University of Potsdam. It’s all about population genomics of marine mammals. It could not be better ! So in the next three years I will focus myself on the marine mammals and all that comes with population genomics. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Die Anpassungen der Cetacean – was sie so besonders macht –

— German Version only —

Bei diesem Artikel habe ich mehr oder weniger eine Zusammenfassung des entsprechenden Kaptiels im Westheide Rieger produziert, aber ich finde gerade deswegen ist es entsprechend innformativ und dennoch kurz gefasst. (auch alle im Text gezeigten Grafiken und Abbildungen entstammen diesem wunderbaren Buch [1])

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Cetacean – where did they come from

I’m fascinated by marine mammals, especially cetaceans since childhood and therefore was glad to take a course during my masters, focusing on their past and development.

This post now is based on a talk I hold during this course about the Evolution of Cetaceans.

— German version below —

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