sort and reduce redundancy in FASTA files

we had a fasta file with unwanted redundancy.

Reads were mapped to a reference and then each match was extracted with an ID and  sequence, to which this ID mapped. This resulted in a redundancy in IDs. Our goal was to get only one ID for each sequence.

awk ‘{print$1}’ original.file > original_file.short

awk ‘{print$1} = print only first colum
> = write output in new file

paste   –   –   < original_file.short >               (source)

reformat file into a two column file (each second line becomes the second column)

 sort -u -k1,1 original_file_short .one-line > final.file                                 (source)

-u keep only uniq
-k1,1 only sort/uniq first colum




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