Monthly Archives: September 2015

Evolution and Mammals

Mammals are one group of vertebrates. Although not the one with the most extreme adaptions or highest number of species, they are a very diverse group showing great adaptions to environmental challenges and interesting evolutionary history. For me they are more than fascinating which brought me to study this wonderful group of the animal kingdom.

After having a year full of change and lot’s of different impressioon of biology and research work, I decided to puttogether this Blogg. Since I finally think that I found my direction and focus in research, this Bloggs Name, mirroed my main interests which I will follow in the comming time. On this page I put together my own research as well as interesting papers, talks or what I came along during my studies and consider interesting for others.

So have fun reading and don’t hestiate to contact me when quations, ideas or comments came to your mind 🙂