Adaptions of Cetacean – what makes them so special

— German Version, English will be added —

Bei diesem Artikel habe ich mehr oder weniger eine Zusammenfassung des entsprechenden Kaptiels im Westheide Rieger produziert, aber ich finde gerade deswegen ist es entsprechend innformativ und dennoch kurz gefasst. (auch alle im Text gezeigten Grafiken und Abbildungen entstammen diesem wunderbaren Buch [1])

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Biology of the Eurasian Lynx

Three years ago I finished my master thesis about the Eurasian Lynx, a , I think, fascinating species. Since I read and wrote a lot to put my thesis together, I now want to give you here an extract of my thesis Introduction to give a little background about this big Eurasian Carnivor.

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Grey Seals Predation

Last month I participated on the 89th annual meeting of the German Society for Mammalian Biology in Hannover. I heard lots of interesting talks and want to give a little glimps of it here.

The first will be a short overview of new scientific findings from Abbo van Neer about the predation behavior from grey seals in the north sea. If you like to take a deeper view into the topic, I recommend his paper.

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